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    When you add the first letter, the automatically added $39.80 is the price of the adapter and connector. Products will not work without adapter and connector.

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    Adapter and connector m3 are automatically added to the first product you add.

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    products will not work without adapters and connectors.

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Magnetic LED Letters and Numbers

ConnectionThe abcMIX magnetic letters come with a connection package that includes a power supply and a touch-operated connector for on/off functionality and step-less dimming of brightness.

It's That EasyOnce the connection kit is attached, the letters light up. They are easy to separate and replace, even while illuminated. Operating at 12V, abcMIX is completely safe for use at home, making it a remarkable tool for helping children learn letters.

Testing And DeliveryAll letters undergo individual testing before being packaged in sturdy containers that underscore the high quality of the letters.

Available sizes:Our current sizes for abcMIX LED Magnetic letter are 3.74", 4.73".

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Magnetic LED Letters and Numbers

What is abcMIX? abcMIX is an innovative letter system that offers high flexibility and maximum visibility, even in well-lit rooms. It is ideal for use in supermarkets, the retail industry, at fairs, and during conferences. Moreover, abcMIX can be used to personalize your private spaces at home.

Endless Combination Possibilities These LED-illuminated letters can be easily and quickly put together to form words or phrases. No screwdriver is needed when combining letters side by side; magnets on the edges allow you to form the combinations you desire. With abcMIX, only your imagination sets the limits for the words and phrases you can create.

Easy to set up The smart magnet system makes it easy for anyone to display messages. abcMIX only requires a standard power outlet, easily connected with the power connector to spell out your desired words. The magnet edges of the letters transfer power to adjacent letters, resulting in all of them to light up once combined.

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No, our products do not pose any electrical risk because they operate at low voltage. There is no risk for your children to handle or play with the products.

Each letter, number, or emoji is housed in its own box. The products are securely delivered to you in these boxes.

The outer layer of our products is made of ABS material (polymer), while the inner layer, where the LEDs are placed, is entirely aluminum. They are designed to withstand high falls without sustaining damage.

Our products are compatible with Type-C, Lightning, and DC-12V adapters. The highest efficiency is achieved with the DC-12V adapter. When purchasing from Configrator, the DC-12V adapter is automatically included in the price and shipped with the products.

The products are compatible with various energy sources. For optimal performance, plug them into a standard outlet. Alternatively, they can also operate when plugged into a power bank. Simply connect the Type-C Cable to power them with most powered devices.

The on-off buttons of the products are located on the Connector M3 device, which is included with the products. The products will not function without the Connector M3.

Products can be returned within 15 days of purchase.


The delivery time for our products is 1-3 business days.

Yes, we have the option of self-pickup from our store.