A-Type Floor Standing Light Box

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A-Type Floor Standing Light Box
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Introducing the A-Type Floor Standing Light Box, the perfect solution for your advertising needs. Whether it's for restaurants, cafes, or retail shops, this versatile and stylish light box will help your promotions stand out.

Usage Areas:

  1. Restaurants: Display your daily specials, seasonal menus, and promotional offers to entice customers.
  2. Cafes: Showcase your drink specials, dessert menus, and events in an attractive manner.
  3. Retail Shops: Highlight sales, new arrivals, and special promotions right at the entrance.
  4. Events: Use it for announcements, schedules, or directional signs at trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences.
  5. Hotels: Perfect for displaying information in lobbies, dining areas, and other common spaces.


  1. Versatile Sizes:
    • Small: 23.6" x 35.4"
    • Large: 23.6" x 47.2"
  2. Portable and Lightweight: Easy to transport and set up, making it convenient for various locations and events.
  3. Quick Poster Changes: Change posters in just 3 seconds, ensuring your advertisements are always up to date.
  4. Durable Construction: Made with tempered glass and aluminum injection molding housing, ensuring longevity and resilience.
  5. Energy Efficient: Equipped with LED lights providing 7000-8000 Lux illumination with low power consumption (27W for the small size, 34W for the large size).
  6. Flexible Power Options: Comes with both DC charge (24V/2A) and a rechargeable lithium battery (24V/8000mAh) for convenient power management.
  7. Safe and Stylish: Features anti-scratch tempered glass and a rounded corner design, ensuring safety without compromising on aesthetics.
  8. Ultra-thin Design: With a thickness of only 0.39", it seamlessly integrates into any setting without occupying much space.

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