2 IN 1 LED Light Box

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2 IN 1 LED Light Box
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Introducing the Versatile 2 IN 1 LED Light Box: Perfect for Any Display Need

In the world of advertising and display solutions, versatility and functionality are key. The 2 IN 1 LED Light Box from abcMIX is designed to meet these demands, offering a range of features that make it suitable for various settings. Whether you need a desktop or wall-mounted display, this light box provides the flexibility and quality you require.

Features and Advantages:

  • Dual Functionality: The 2 IN 1 LED Light Box can be used both as a desktop and a wall-mounted display, making it a versatile choice for any environment.
  • Easy Poster Change: The light box allows for quick and easy poster replacement, saving time and reducing costs. Simply pull to change the picture.
  • Adjustable Orientation: It can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically, providing flexibility in display options.
  • High-Quality Display: With an aluminum injection molding housing and anti-scratch tempered glass, the light box is both durable and stylish. The ultra-thin 10mm design adds to its sleek appearance.
  • Powerful Illumination: Featuring a color temperature of 6000K and illumination between 7000-8000 Lux, it ensures that your advertisements are bright and eye-catching.
  • Safe Power Supply: Equipped with a 12V 1A DC power supply for safe and reliable use.

Usage Areas:

  • Bars and Restaurants: Ideal for displaying menus, promotions, and special events. The clear and bright display attracts attention, making it perfect for busy environments.
  • Retail Stores: Use it to highlight new products, sales, and special offers. Its flexible mounting options allow for optimal placement in windows, on counters, or on walls.
  • Corporate Offices: Great for displaying company announcements, event details, and motivational messages. The professional design fits seamlessly into modern office spaces.
  • Cafes: Enhance the ambiance by displaying drink specials, food menus, and promotional content. The adjustable angle feature makes it easy to place on countertops or mount on walls.
  • Exhibitions and Trade Shows: Perfect for attracting visitors to your booth with high-definition images and vibrant colors. Its portability and easy setup are ideal for busy exhibition schedules.

The 2 IN 1 LED Light Box by abcMIX is a versatile and high-quality display solution suitable for various settings. Its dual functionality, easy poster change feature, adjustable orientation, and powerful illumination make it an essential tool for effective advertising and display. Discover how this light box can transform your advertising and display needs today.


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